Basement Finishing Pricing and Services

Where do we spend your money on a basement project?

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Atlanta Home Completion operates lean and efficiently to maximize what we can do for you.

Your benefits: More upgrades and options for less money!

The Price

How much will this actually cost me?

Honestly, the greatest impact on the final price of a basement refinishing, home remodel or kitchen renovation is your choice of finish materials. For example, wood flooring is more expensive than carpet, granite counters are more expensive than laminate tops, and dimmer light switches cost more than standard light switches.

We work with you to get you the price you can afford while meeting your expectations within reason. So talk to us about where your expectations are.

Your Costs Are Our Costs

We offer a very transparent open book policy with regards to our pricing. The prices you hear us quote are the same prices we are charged by our subcontractors and suppliers. No cloak and dagger and unknown fees. With other builders, you compare their prices of specific products to the same product’s retail prices and wonder why the prices are so much higher.

With Atlanta Home Completion, what you see is what you get. In our price quote, we maximize every dollar you spend with us, investing your money directly back into your project resulting in you getting as many of those upgraded finish materials and extra options that we can. More of your home improvement investment translates into increased equity in your home.

Basic Basement Build-Out:

A basic basement build-out is for homeowners who have budget on their mind as top priority and want a quality finished living space in their home’s basement. That additional usable space may become a second family or recreation room, kids’ playroom, an in-law or teenager suite, or something of that nature.

Most basement projects include the following work: basic electrical work for recessed lights & standard lights, a new HVAC system with minor re-routing of existing ductwork, carpet flooring, a bathroom with fiberglass tub or shower and tiled flooring, maybe a very basic wet bar, standard framing, plumbing, basic trim & interior doors, insulation, sheetrock and painting.

The larger the project, the more the “economies of scale” start to drastically reduce the cost per square foot. This helps you spend less per square foot as the costs of some areas, like HVAC, are relatively fixed, making it less of a percentage of the overall price of a bigger project.

Sidenote: HVAC is one of the single most important code compliant necessities to a project in most basement refinishing scenarios, so be prepared to spend on this item in nearly all basements that are over 500 square feet and don’t already have another system in place to handle the additional living space.

Most homeowners working with Atlanta Home Completion spend around $30-$34/foot for their basement finishing or renovation. This is a very good price for a professional remodeling contractor to offer all of the above mentioned services in the Atlanta market. Smaller projects with higher fixed cost might run more per square foot than the larger projects for the same options, but that is just part of the finish-out process.

Give us a call or let us come out and meet you on your basement renovation or home remodeling plans. We are happy to explain the details of what it might take to finish your basement.

Full Custom Basement Finishing:

Custom basement finishing project with bar and home theaterA full custom basement finishing is for a homeowner that has a desire to “go all out” and make the under used space of their home top-notch.

Maybe fireplaces and extra built-in bookshelves and custom bars with granite tops are a priority. Or a handcrafted pub-style bar with elaborate lighting, glasswork, and decorative backsplash designs are your desire?

Now we finish all of our clients’ basement projects with the same quality and attention to detail as a top priority to the success of our business. However, in custom basement finishing projects, the selected materials and customizations are typically more expensive leading to a larger investment than is typical of a basic finish out of a basement. Larger projects take more time and expertise, but they result in a perfectly designed and completed custom basement that you will enjoy.

Home Remodeling Design Services

Atlanta Home Completion also offers a design service, included in the project cost, to give you a more complete visualization of what your project will look like before you ever get started. We guide you through every stage of your home improvement project, making recommendations on product selections and design options. all a part of maximizing every dollar you invest and making it stretch to bring you the best quality products you want in your home.

Typically custom basement finishing projects range from $35-$45 per square foot. We also build more expensive and specialized customizations, like refrigerated wine rooms, spas, elaborate stone archways or installing fiber-optics for that starry night sky in your media room. We can provide these services since we have some of Atlanta’s best professionals to perform the work. Regardless of the size and neighborhood of your home renovation project, we still keep prices reasonable – we don’t inflate prices just to make an extra buck in higher-end neighborhoods. We value our relationships with our clients and the word of mouth advertising from our happy client who passes our name onto the next family.

Protection from Basement Water Seepage

Water seepage through a basement’s concrete walls is a very important aspect to address, though it often gets overlooked in basement finishing. There is no building code at this time addressing the protection of your basement from water. Now you don’t want to invest your hard-earned money on your basement only to have water problems destroy it down the line. We offer an assortment of concrete sealant options. Each one offers a varying degree of protection and guarantees that prevent or deter water from entering your basement. We are happy to discuss these options with you and help you decide what might be best for you and your basement.

One Last Thing Regarding Your Pricing…

Think of finishing your basement like buying a new car. You take your time deciding what you want in a car and then you still weigh all the different additional options in order to pick out the best car that meets your overall budget. A brand new 2010 Ford Mustang cost around $22,000.00 for the basic model, but the same Mustang can cost more than $43,000.00 if equipped with multiple options and extras. The Shelby Mustang GT, well, that starts at $53,000.

A basement is just the same… We know that keeping your basement finishing or home improvement costs within your budget is important. We work with you to help you decide what you really need and what are options you can do without. We are here to serve you and get you the basement you desire for a price you are happy with.

So go out there and review all your bid proposals and compare apples to apples – don’t compare apples to oranges. It is all in the details. We ask you review our contract bid with the other bids you receive: see what is included, what you are spending on each individual line item, and how much is actually being spent on materials and labor. When you look at Atlanta Home completion’s bid, we are confident you will see most of your investment going directly into your basement. We put a lot more of your dollars to work for you – plugged straight into your basement project rather than our pockets. You enjoy getting nicer options and upgrades along the way.

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